Dobbits & Merkwood Ponds Annual  Membership Application

Membership fees

An annual payment of £75 and a one off joining fee of £20 is payable.

This membership gives you unrestricted access to both ponds between the hours of 7am and 9pm or dusk whatever the sooner.
Up to two rods can be used. Annual memberships will end on 15 April each Year. The annual membership must be payed by midnight on the 15 June, if not payed then the individual will be required to re join the list and pay the joining fee.

If you are interested in becoming an annual member please fill in the application form below. The owner reserves the right to refuse admission and give no reason.

Annual Membership Application Form:

How would you describe the type of angler you are. Tick which applies to you.

Are you intending to night fish?

Would you be available for one or two volunteer working parties per year, implementing tasks such as swim clearance, pruning, fish habitat creation, path/peg construction.

Have you fished the Brickyard before? If so approx how many times.

8 + 7 =