Gandelfs Lake Membership Application

Gandelfs Carp Lake

Gandelf’s lake has recently produced Carp up to twenty six pounds with numerous captures of fish in the mid to high teens. We recently re stocked the lake with thirty one C4 and C5 fish. These carp were between 13lbs and 20lbs. All Carp are now being supplementary fed with high protein high oil pellets to improve their growth rates. We fully expect thirty pound fish to be caught within the next 2-3 years. We intend to continue a stocking program with more C3 and C4 fish in future years.

The lake has approximately twelve pegs and night fishing is to be allowed but must be booked at least 48 hours in advance by texting Paul on 07570 137 809 or Suzanne on 07808 469 823. Only seven night pegs will be available for booking on a first come first serve basis.

The aim of the fishery is to provide an enjoyable day or nights fishing in a natural environment. All anglers must abide by the rules. Any one found breaking them will be asked to leave and may be expelled with no refund.

Please make yourself familiar with the rules (Sheets enclosed) before fishing. If you see anyone on the fishery acting suspiciously, please inform the fishery owners. All information received will be treated in confidence.

Membership fees

An annual payment of £250 and a one off joining fee of £50 is payable. This allows you to fish on any day of the week from 6.30 am or sun rise if later and 9.30pm or sun set whichever comes sooner. Day anglers must clear all pegs by 9.30pm.

Night fishing must be booked 48hours in advance with no stay longer than 48 hours and 24 hours between visits.

Annual memberships will end on 15 April each Year. The annual membership must be payed by midnight on the 15 June, if not payed then the individual will be required to re join the list and pay the joining fee.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Gandelf’s lake carp club please fill in the application form below. The owner reserves the right to refuse admission and give no reason.

Membership Application Form:

How would you describe the type of angler you are. Tick which applies to you.

Are you intending to night fish?

Would you be available for one or two volunteer working parties per year, implementing tasks such as swim clearance, pruning, fish habitat creation, path/peg construction.

Have you fished the Brickyard before? If so approx how many times.

15 + 3 =